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School Self-Evaluation

School Self-Evaluation
School Self-Evaluation empowers a school community to identify and affirm good practice, and to identify and take actions on areas that merit improvement. School Self-Evaluation involves reflective enquiry leading to action planning for improvement that is informed by evidence gathered within the school. Crosskeys National School is committed to engaging with School Self-Evaluation and informing the school community of the improvements we are making within the school on a yearly basis. As a school we look at what we are doing well and then focus on areas to further improve our practice.
School Self-Evaluation 2022-2023
Identify a focus:
Crosskeys National School will endeavour to identify and reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on pupils’ educational experiences and outcomes, their wellbeing, their motivation to learn, and their engagement in learning. The information arising will be used to plan learning experiences, programmes of work, and, as needed, relevant supports to ensure that all pupils are enabled to flourish and to engage and progress effectively in their learning going forward.
Gathering the data:
Questionnaire for 3rd-6th class pupils: 
Questionnaire for parent(s)/guardian(s):